Definition - What does Taranabant mean?

Tarabant is a cannabinoid 1 receptor inverse agonist that is also known as MK-0364. It was developed by Merck & Co. for use as a potential drug to combat obesity and to help in weight loss. In 2008, the stage III clinical trials were stopped. This is because it had many central nervous system altering properties, such as causing depression or anxiety.

MaximumYield explains Taranabant

Tarabant, in clinical studies performed with 500 participants, caused weight loss in all participants that took the drug. The most amount of weight was lost by participants that took the most of the drug. After 12 weeks, the average amount of weight loss in the test group was 11.6 lbs. Developing this drug was used under the neurochemical premise that blocking of the rewards system of the eating process with a drug would reduce food consumption, and thus encourage weight loss. However, it did not have popularity in the United States.

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