Dried Flower

What Does Dried Flower Mean?

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, dried flowers refer to plants that have been dried and cured before smoking. Dried cannabis herbs or flowers are used for rolling joints. Consumers can choose from liquid or solid concentrates, sticky cannabis buds, or dried flowers. Most consumers tend to prefer sticky buds as opposed to dried ones.


Maximum Yield Explains Dried Flower

One of the biggest advantages of using dried flowers is that they are lighter in weight, which means that consumers receive value for money. Dried cannabis buds are ideal for decarboxylation, a process during which ground cannabis is baked to successfully activate THC for cooking. Consequently, dried cannabis tends to be the best choice of strains for users who want to make edibles.

After marijuana plants are cultivated, they are hung upside down to be cured and hung while enabling the THC to collect at the very top of the buds. This method of drying marijuana flowers prevents plants from forming rot and mold. In some cases, it may be necessary to cut parts of the cannabis branches before the drying process.


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