Cannabis Tolerance

What Does Cannabis Tolerance Mean?

Quite common among seasoned recreational cannabis users, cannabis tolerance occurs when the user starts needing a higher amount to experience a psychoactive effect. Cannabis tolerance can be particularly detrimental to people who use cannabis for medical purposes. While the occasional break from smoking has been shown to help recreational users, this option is not entirely suited to patients using cannabis to manage discomfort or pain.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Tolerance

According to Dr. Michael Verbora, Chief Medical Officer and Cannabinoid Clinician at Aleafia Health Inc., cannabis tolerance occurs mainly with recreational use and affects the psychoactive impact. The mental effectiveness of CB1 receptors is dulled because of repeated use to achieve certain psychoactive effects, resulting in the need for higher doses. According to Alex Samuelsson, Chief Science Officer of Melabis in Malta, it is possible to reset one’s tolerance to cannabis by going through the process of endocannabinoid reset.

This involves abstaining from cannabis for two weeks in order to get a new baseline by purging the system. When THC is introduced again, the user only receives small doses at a time since low doses begin to work properly again.


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