Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does PED Mean?

PED stands for performance enhancing drug. In sports, these are banned and tested for.


Maximum Yield Explains PED

It is shown that cannabis can improve endurance in athletes. Another side effect for athletes is that it decreases anxiety. This could help them to focus better while performing. Also, using cannabis is shown to enhance the ability for an athlete to heal after training. It reduces muscle tension and in this way it could help athletes be more responsive and less tense on the field or during competition.

Marijuana also speeds up recovery after injury or training by helping to ease pain. Another way it enhances performance is that it can effectively help an athlete “forget” a bad fall so they can overcome a block and continue developing and training as an athlete. Cannabis also may help them push past fears in competition.

It is up to the individual agency whether or not they consider marijuana a banned substance, as substances such as caffeine or nicotine are also used as performance enhancing drugs.


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