Seed Spacing

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Seed Spacing Mean?

When working with vegetables, gardeners need to carefully calculate the row spacing, seed spacing, and seed planting depth. Correct spacing requires a smaller amount of seeds, which help gardeners save money in the long run. Seed spacing has also been shown to help plants grow better and thrive since they can modify their growth according to the neighboring crops.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed Spacing

According to Elhakeem et al. (2018), some plants send chemical growth signals to neighboring plants through their roots, which is why it can be beneficial to properly space the seeds between the rows. In fact, Chen et al. (2012) believe that proper seed spacing can even help plants determine whether the neighboring crops are related to them through the chemicals produced in their roots.

Proper seed spacing protects crops from an assortment of plant-borne diseases, making them less susceptible to fungus and other similar conditions. Plants that are spaced too far away encourage weeds to grow.


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