Eagle 7

Last Updated: October 31, 2018

Definition - What does Eagle 7 mean?

Eagle 7 is a permethrin-based pesticide used to keep aphids and spider mite populations down in marijuana cultivation. Permethrin is a synthetic pesticide and is in the pyrethroid family. These synthetically produced pesticides are intended to mimic results achieved organically with living extracts of the Chrysanthemum flower.

MaximumYield explains Eagle 7

The living extract of the Chrysanthemum flower is called Pyrethrum and is a natural insecticide, not a synthetic chemical produced in a laboratory somewhere. Synthetic pyrethrins are much more toxic than those naturally occurring in varying amounts in several species of Chrysanthemum. Though permethrin is not readily absorbed through the skin, and is inactivated relatively rapidly in the human body, extended exposure has been shown to cause nausea, headaches, excessive salivation, shortness of breath and even seizures.

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