Wake and Bake

Last updated: December 12, 2022

What Does Wake and Bake Mean?

To wake and bake is to smoke cannabis right after waking up or first thing in the morning, thus waking and getting baked. Approximately 22% of cannabis users in the USA partake in a smoke session within one hour of waking up, according to a study by GDS in 2017.

Many cannabis connoisseurs report experiencing a more intense high after smoking in the morning versus later in the day or the evening.


Maximum Yield Explains Wake and Bake

A woman smoking a joint in bed

A wake and bake is often accompanied by a cup of coffee. In fact, you can find coffee mugs with a built in bowl for smoking made specifically for wake and bake sessions.

To get the most out of your wake and bake, it's recommended to choose uplifting and energizing cannabis strains versus strains with more relaxing or couch-locking effects.

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Waking and baking can be done via smoking a joint, bong, or pipe, with edibles or tinctures, or any other method of consuming cannabis. Some variations include baking food or eating breakfast as well as partaking in marijuana. Other aspects might include listening to music or a podcast, watching television, or doing yoga.

For most users, waking and baking is part of the lifestyle and a morning ritual that implies relaxation and all of the feel-good qualities of starting the morning and getting high.




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