San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club

Last updated: April 28, 2019

What Does San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club Mean?

The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club is the first public marijuana dispensary in the US. It has since changed its name to Cannabis Cultivators Club and Cannabis Heating Club, and was opened in 1992 following the passing of Proposition P passing in 1991. The club operated from the years of 1992 to 1994 until the founders and the club itself moved from the address at 194 Church Street in San Francisco, California.


Maximum Yield Explains San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club

Interestingly enough, the coauthors of Proposition 215 were also the cofounders of The Club. Brownie Mary Rathbun, Dennis Peron, Dale Gierenger, Beth Moore, John Entwhistle, Jason Patrick Menard, Richard Eastman, Gerry Leatherman and Tod H. Mikuriya. Originally started as a low profile medicinal marijuana retail location, Thomas O’Malley organized The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club mostly to help AIDS patients. The Club was at Ford and Sanchez streets in San Francisco. This was prior to the dispensary being legalized under Proposition 215 under California Law.


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