Heat Stress

What Does Heat Stress Mean?

Like many other plants, cannabis can only withstand a certain amount of light and heat. When the plant experiences too much heat, it begins to show signs of stress on its leaves.


Maximum Yield Explains Heat Stress

You can see how heat stress affects the leaves. There will be brown or yellow spotting, and they may appear burnt. The leaves may also curl. Cannabis plants are susceptible to heat stress when they fail to get enough water. Another factor that can contribute to heat stress is low humidity.

Certain cannabis strains, such as Indica, can be more sensitive to heat. The symptoms of heat stress and light stress normally happen at the same time and are similar.

You can help treat heat stress with outdoor plants using a few methods. One solution is to provide shade. Another method to try is to sow the seeds in the right season and to pay attention to weather patterns.


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