Blue de Hue

What Does Blue de Hue Mean?

Blue de Hue is defined as any strain of cannabis originating from Vietnam. Its names derives from the bluish tint of the cannabis strain. Blue de Hue also refers to a type of Chinese pottery that is ordered in Vietnam. This is the type that US soldiers smoked during the Vietnam war.


Maximum Yield Explains Blue de Hue

The naturally occurring pigments responsible for the coloration of a mature cannabis flower changing to purple or blue are called anthocyanins. Another factor which contributes to increased phenotypic expression of dark blues and purples is cold stress, something that occurs when the daily temperature is varied by about 30 degrees Fahrenheit from daytime to the peak of the nighttime cold. Blue de Hue is also a slang term meaning marijuana pressed into brick form. The strain(s) called Blue de Hue from Vietnam have widely ranging coloration, anywhere from the typical dark green to blue and even reddish.


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