Dry Sift Hash

Last updated: June 16, 2021

What Does Dry Sift Hash Mean?

Dry sift or dry sieve hash, also called kief, is a type of cannabis concentrate obtained through the use of an extraction process that splits the trichomes of the cannabis plant from the plant’s material utilizing metal screens.

The resulting concentrate consists of pure trichomes and contains the full spectrum of a given cannabis plant’s chemical constituents, created using a solventless process.


Maximum Yield Explains Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift is a concentrate consisting of the trichome heads that have been broken away from the plant surface by physical or mechanical means. Flowers are hand-rubbed across screens and the kief is collected. These trichomes contain all of the key, psychoactive chemical components (cannabinoids) of the cannabis plant.

Dry sift hash is made by refining these detached trichomes through a series of finer and finer mesh screens until all the remaining inert plant material has been removed. During this process the color will fade from green as the last of the plant material is sifted away. This technique of hash production is also able to maintain the potency better than bubble hash.

One of the most important aspects of creating dry sieve hash is the thickness of the mesh that the dry plant material is sifted through. The finer the mesh, the greater the purity of the dry sieve hash. For example, a screen with greater micron gage will yield pieces of plant material and not produce as fine of a product.

To facilitate the sifting process, it is recommended to work in a colder environment. This is because colder climates have been shown to prevent the final product from becoming too oily or sticky. It's then easier to separate any impurities from the final dry sift. When exposed to the cold, the trichomes become more brittle and separate with ease from the plant.

Most hash is manufactured using the lower buds and leaves of the plant, however, dry sieve hash is made using the upper buds and flowers in order to obtain the greatest concentration of trichomes, cannabinoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Dry sift can be smoked or ingested and in it’s purest form can even be dabbed. Often it is added to other cannabis products such as moonrocks (cannabis caviar) or the very popular twaxed joints.



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