Dry Sift Hash

Definition - What does Dry Sift Hash mean?

Dry sift hash is a hands on approach to separating trichome heads from leftover plant material of usable marijuana flower. The product is normally in a granular consistency. Dry sift hash can maintain the unique terpene profile of the flower being processed. It's made without chemicals and can be preferred by some. Dry sift hash is able to melt and vaporize completely, leaving behind no residue.

MaximumYield explains Dry Sift Hash

This technique of hash production is also able to maintain the potency better than bubble hash. Flowers are hand-rubbed across screens and the kief is collected. Trichome glands separate from the flower and are passed through a series of screens with increasingly fine micron size make sure that only the finest product passes through. The ideal is to conduct the sifting in a cold and dry environment so that the flower doesn’t get mushy.

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