Dry Sift

Definition - What does Dry Sift mean?

Dry sift refers to a derivative of harsh which is obtained by removing a plant’s resin glands before sieving them with different types of screens. No solvent is used during the sieving process. During dry sifting, a fine-screen mesh is used to remove all the resinous glands by hand-sifting the trim or flowers.

MaximumYield explains Dry Sift

Dry sift hash consists of a sand-like concentration of both the trichome heads and trichomes. In this regard, it's very similar to kief. Unlike other types of sifting, dry sifting does not include any type of solvent or ice water to induce a more intense high.

To facilitate the sifting process, it is recommended to work in a colder environment. This is because colder climates have been shown to prevent the final product from becoming too oily or sticky. It's then easier to separate any impurities from the final dry sift. When exposed to the cold, the trichomes become more brittle and separate with ease from the plant.

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