Definition - What does Rosin mean?

Rosin is a form of cannabis concentrate. It's made from mechanical separation, one of the oldest methods of marijuana extraction. Cannabis rosin differs from pine tree rosin which is more commonly used to wax musical instruments such as violin. Similar to extracting oil from olives, rosin is made by squeezing the oil content from cannabis buds or flowers.

MaximumYield explains Rosin

As solvents aren't used in the making of rosin, it contains zero harmful chemicals. Unlike other extraction techniques, cannabis rosin can be used immediately, without any degassing chamber or curing period. Contrary to popular belief, homemade cannabis is just as potent as commercially-produced butane hash oil (BHO).

To produce high-quality rosin, it is important to properly check the cannabis bud and make sure you're only working with fresh plants. Stale buds may cause a drop in the cannabinoids level, changing the trichome color from clear to a deep amber. An excellent accessory to pair with rosin extraction is the freeze dryer. These can easily extract any excess moisture from the cannabis while preserving monoterpenes.

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