Leaf Burn

What Does Leaf Burn Mean?

Leaf burn is a condition that primarily affects houseplants, tropical plants, and some other foliage with longer leaves. Spider plants are often affected by this condition. Leaf burn can be caused by various issues, including salt toxicity, drought, nutrient deficiency, transplant shock, and soil compaction. In some cases, it is possible to prune affected areas and sprouts to treat the condition.


Maximum Yield Explains Leaf Burn

House plants with leaf burn may develop brownish tips. One of the main causes of leaf burn is inadequate watering. Sometimes, container plants are not able to take enough water to suit their needs. In other cases, over-watering may result in leaf burn since the roots become soggy. This is more common in container plants because they do not have enough space to produce new roots that can absorb any excess water.

Shade-loving plants such as Virginia Bluebells or Bush Lilies may be affected by leaf burn if they are exposed to too much sunlight. It is therefore advisable to move these plants into the shade, only exposing them to a few hours of sunlight per day. Proper pot drainage may also help in avoiding this condition.


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