THC Tolerance

Definition - What does THC Tolerance mean?

THC tolerance is influenced by a wide range of factors from dosage to frequency of use. Some users choose to control their THC tolerance for financial reasons, while others do it to enhance their cannabis experience or control their usages. Studies have shown that THC tolerance can be reset after just a couple of weeks.

MaximumYield explains THC Tolerance

The easiest way to lower your THC tolerance is to adopt self-management practices. You can avoid unnecessary use or pause for several minutes between puffs to effectively lessen marijuana use per session. Going cold turkey for a couple of weeks can also enable your cannabis receptors to become more sensitive to the product and recuperate after numerous months of use.

Physical exertion can also help your body purge most of the previously-ingested THC. In fact, physical activities can enhance your blood circulation, endocannabinoid system, and neurotransmitter pathways, which can reduce your body’s need for more cannabis or THC-enhanced products.

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