What Does Potency Mean?

Potency is found in the oil produced by the trichomes and resin of cannabis plants. Those with more trichomes tend to yield more potent strains. When growing marijuana, it's possible to boost the plant's resin and trichome product with certain techniques. These include adjusting the lighting and modifying the growth environment.


Maximum Yield Explains Potency

To enhance the plant’s potency, it is important to ensure that your marijuana buds are exposed to appropriate humidity and temperature. One of the main advantages of working with cannabis is that it can comfortably tolerate extended ranges of humidity. As a result, it is safe to expose the plant to high humidity as long as you set up a proper ventilation system. The ideal range of humidity for marijuana plants lies between 40% and 60%.

Marijuana also requires high-quality grow lights to thrive and produce more resin. Unlike houseplants, marijuana can easily tolerate being exposed to the sun all day long. If growing indoors, planters should ensure that the plants are only exposed to fluorescent lighting. These can be positioned close to the grow boxes without the risk of damage to the plants.


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