CO2 Emitter

What Does CO2 Emitter Mean?

CO2 is crucial to proper plant growth and development. It is primarily used by the plant to complete the process of photosynthesis. When growing cannabis, it is important to ensure that the plants have proper access to higher levels of CO2 by using a CO2 emitter or generator. Doing so ensures an increased yield and stronger cannabis plants.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Emitter

CO2 Emitters can help various plants, including cannabis, provide additional energy, especially when paired with proper light sources. These apparatuses are often used to burn natural gases or propane to produce extra carbon dioxide. Most CO2 emitters are fitted with an automatic timer that enables the apparatus to power on and off on its own.

It should be noted that CO2 emitters are best suited for larger grow spaces. In smaller areas, planters opt for alternative options such as compressed CO2. Gardeners can also produce their own CO2 by using a mixture of sugar, yeast, and water solution.


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