Whole Plant Cannabis

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Whole Plant Cannabis Mean?

Whole Plant Cannabis is a term used to denote an extract made from cannabis buds, some leaves, and possibly some stem. This is opposed to the common isolated forms readily available on the consumer market known as CBD cannabinoids or THC cannabinoids. It has been shown scientifically that increasing use of CBD (Cannabidiol) that has been extracted, purified, and isolated and is ready for use, when taken orally has a bell shaped curve when it comes to efficacy and a measurably decreased inflammation response in laboratory mice.


Maximum Yield Explains Whole Plant Cannabis

This means that as dosages are increased, with an extract of CBD isolate only, that inflammation ceases decreasing after a certain dosage level in all tested individuals. This is not so with Whole Plant extracts when administered in the same way to the same test group. It was shown in the study that as the dose of Whole Plant extracts was increased, anti-inflammation response was shown to increase with dose, and the anti-nociceptive response also increased with dose. This study was conducted using an extract created from a high CBD clone that had very little if any significant percent THC.


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