Gas Mask Bong

What Does Gas Mask Bong Mean?

The gas mask bong is a truly dedicated way to smoke the sweet herb. It consists of a bong connected to a gas mask. The bong can either be plastic, glass, acrylic, or metal. It has adjustable head straps in order to deliver a direct unescapable hit to the sealed-in head of the smoker.


Maximum Yield Explains Gas Mask Bong

Another pro to the gas mask bong is that nobody has to touch their lips to the bong to get a hit. The downstem is adjustable as is the bowl, being able to be screwed in or replaced with a tightly fitting glass slide. The smoker can use the gas mask bong to take a dry hit, or put water into the bong and take a filtered bubbling hit with less carcinogens. Another option is to add ice to the water in the bong and take an icy cold hit of incredibly chronic herb.


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