What Does Sploof Mean?

A sploof is a device that someone blows into in order to hide the smell of marijuana smoke. It is mostly used in indoor living situations. The sploof is a tool seen used by smokers who have roommates or are in shared living situations.


Maximum Yield Explains Sploof

It’s a simple handheld tool that is easy to make using a few household objects. To begin with, get a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Then, secure dryer sheets to the end of the cardboard tube with rubber bands. When you inhale smoke or vapor, you exhale it through the tube and the dryer sheets are supposed to mask the smell.

Another method is to forego the use of a rubber band altogether, and stuff the dryer sheet in the end of the cardboard tube. There are also commercial sploof devices available to choose from, so it’s up to you to decide which method works better.


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