Cavi Cone

Last updated: August 26, 2018

What Does Cavi Cone Mean?

In cannabis dispensaries, cavi cones are commonly used to pre-rolled cones that are made from different types of materials, including wood pulp, hemp or even palm leaves. In most cases, cavi cones are stuffed by machines or humans before being rolled into joints. The paper is twisted at the very end of the joint to prevent any spillage.


Maximum Yield Explains Cavi Cone

Unlike regular herbs, cavi cones offer a mixture of various cannabis-based products. The base layer usually comprises of a form of cannabis: either hybrid, indica or sativa. This is followed by concentrated cannabis and Butane wax. Lastly, keif is added to the cavi cone. This particular product contains plenty of terpenes and cannabinoids and can add added flavor to the cone.

Along with being a generic term for marijuana joints that have been infused with kief and concentrates, cavi cones also refer to a brand name from a California-based cannabis company. In some cases, the cones are also enhanced by natural strawberry, grape, apple, raspberry and vanilla flavoring. Cavi cones are widely available in cannabis clinics. Patients who require a less potent mixture often opt for the Cavi Doobie, which contains significantly less hash oil. Both the cavi cone and the cavi doobie are available in THC-free versions.


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