Last Updated: March 20, 2019

Definition - What does Agriculture mean?

Agriculture refers to the cultivation of soil to provide food, medicinal plants and other products that can enhance and sustain life. A key factor in the development of sedentary human civilization, agriculture dates back to several centuries ago. Nowadays, China boasts the largest agricultural output in the world. Planters normally differentiate between various types of agricultural gardens.

MaximumYield explains Agriculture

In agricultural gardens, ornamental plants such as foliage and flowers, as well as useful plants such as herbs, fruits, leaf and root vegetables are grown for consumption, decorative purposes, cosmetic or medicinal uses.

There are three main types of plant-based agriculture:

  • Intensive farming: This type of agriculture is more popular in highly developed countries since it demands higher use of inputs and a low fall ratio. Plants are mainly cultivated to increase profits.

  • Subsistence farming: In subsistence farming, crops are mainly grown to satisfy local or familial needs. This type of farming is mainly found in South-East Asia and Moonsoon Aisa.

  • Shifting cultivation: Popular in the Amazon Basin, Southeast Asia and Northeast India, shifting cultivation refers to the complete cutting down of a small forest, whereby all the trees are burned to create space for new crops.
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