Bat Guano

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Bat Guano Mean?

Bat guano is the fecal matter and urine of bats. It collects beneath their roosting places naturally. It has also been used as a fertilizer for a very long time, and can provide essential nutrients and minerals for growing plants.

Bat guano is most often found in caves on the windward side of bodies of water. It needs to be aged for extended periods of time before it can be used by growers.

Given the effort it takes to mine the material, guano can be expensive, but it is one of the most potent natural fertilizers in the world. It’s high in many of the most important nutrients for plant health, including phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Bat guano also contains a host of micronutrients that further fuel plant growth.

In addition to bat guano, gardeners may also use seabird guano and seal guano.


Maximum Yield Explains Bat Guano

Bat guano can be used as a fertilizer for in ground gardens, potted plants, and in many other growing systems. In addition to its nutrient content, bat guano can work in a similar way to compost and improve soil health and structure. For looser soils, an application of guano can act as a binder, helping the soil to hold together better. It can also be used to create better aeration within heavy soils, and it does not leach out easily through natural weathering.

There’s also the fact that guano encourages soil microorganism growth and diversity, further supporting healthy plant growth.

Interestingly, bat guano can improve the speed at which compost decomposes, and it can also help prevent harmful bacteria and soil diseases from affecting plants.

Bat guano can be purchased in several different formats. It can be purchased in a tea-like, liquid form that is easily applied to hydroponic systems or potted plants. It can also be purchased in a dried, powder-like form, which is better suited to being worked into the soil of a garden.

Bat guano may also be used as a component or ingredient in organic fertilizers and amendments that contain many other inputs.

There is some debate over the use of bat guano, relating mainly to how it is sourced. Some methods used to mine this limited material have been known to disrupt the habitats of the animals, leading to less and less bat guano being available. In addition, in some countries where guano is sourced, it is thought that the miners are treated poorly. It's important to research the source of the bat guano if this is a concern for you.


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