Perfect Flower

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Perfect Flower Mean?

For horticulturalists, a perfect flower is not just a flower that is pleasing to the eye, but a flower that makes female sex cells, receives male sex cells, and makes and distributes male sex cells.

A perfect flower has both the male (stamens) and the female (carpel) reproductive parts. As it contains the reproductive organs for both of the sexes, it can pollinate itself (via self-pollination) and does not require an external agent such as wind or insects to transfer its pollen.


Maximum Yield Explains Perfect Flower

Perfect flowers may be bisexual, hermaphroditic, androgynous, monoclinous or synoicous flowers. It combines both the sexes in one structure. Most flowering plants are perfect flowers.

Having a perfect flower in the garden makes pollination easier and increases the number of plants. Perfect flowers save time and are efficient. The majority of perfect flowers rely completely on self-pollination, and therefore they don’t use sex cells from another plant to reproduce.


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