What Does Morphology Mean?

Morphology is the study of the forms of things. For each species of plant there are several different phenotypes, which are categorized based on their morphological characteristics. Phenotypes are described easily enough by adjectives such as squat, round, flat, thin, leggy, etc. Describing these morphological characteristics and further categorizing tendencies of plants to gravitate toward one or another desirable trait gives the term of phenotypic expression of genetic potentials within the genetic makeup of the plant.


Maximum Yield Explains Morphology

These various genetic potentials are expressed morphologically in response to environmental stressors, giving a distinctive look to each plant based on factors like high and low average temperatures, exposure to environmental moisture such as dew, and physical shocks such as damage due to neglect or abuse, or even in the event that a strong wind blows a tree limb down and it crushes all or some of any one given plant. Each environmental stressor will make changes in the morphological characteristics expressed by any one given plant.


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