Knot Garden

Last updated: January 16, 2017

What Does Knot Garden Mean?

A knot garden is a formal garden with an intricate design. Knot gardens are most often of a square design with a well-defined, clean edge and contain a variety of aromatic plants such as herbs. The knot garden gets its name because the pattern often includes a design in which plants are planted to resemble a knotted rope.


Maximum Yield Explains Knot Garden

Knot gardens have their roots in the gardens of Queen Elizabeth and have remained the pride of kings, queen and aristocrats for centuries.

A knot garden may consist of a single boxed garden or up to eight or more knotted gardens which collectively comprise the larger garden. Often the glossy leafed boxwood or a similar hedging plant is used to form the sheared outer edge.

Aromatic herbs most often form the “knot” of the garden. Most knot gardens also include a pathway that is usually made of colorful crushed gravel or occasionally mulch.

Popular plants for the knot garden would include germander, thyme and marjoram. Southernwood, lemon balm, hyssop and costmary are also used.


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