Iron (Fe)

Definition - What does Iron (Fe) mean?

Iron is an element with the chemical symbol Fe. It is one of the most common elements found on Earth, and forms most of the Earth’s inner and outer core. Iron and iron compounds have many different uses, and can be found in many different industrial and household settings.

As a trace element, iron plays an important role in many different biological processes in both plants and animals.

MaximumYield explains Iron (Fe)

Plants, as with all living organisms, require nutrients to grow and thrive. Iron of one of these important nutrients, although plants only need a small amount. Plants require iron to produce chlorophyll, which is why plants with an iron deficiency have a yellow color to their leaves.

Plants can obtain iron from several different sources, including from the soil or from decomposing matter (e.g., dead leaves). However, too much iron from over-fertilizing can result in iron toxicity.

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