Indicator Paper

Definition - What does Indicator Paper mean?

In gardening, an indicator paper is a tool made from litmus used to check the pH level of the soil. The paper changes color depending on the levels of acidity. While the optimal pH level varies from plant to plant, the majority of crops thrive in the 5.5 to 7.0 range.

MaximumYield explains Indicator Paper

It is crucial to monitor the soil’s pH level for proper plant development and growth. Indicator papers can be found in just about any garden store. Their main advantage is that they’re quick and relatively easy to use, especially in comparison to other pH measuring tools.

To measure the soil’s pH level with an indicator paper, first mix some of the grow soil with distilled water that is preferably at room temperature. Stir the water and soil together until the water is completely incorporated and the mixture has a loose and liquid consistency. Then, dip the paper into the mixture for 30 seconds and use the pH kit’s color card ratio to determine the pH level based on the strip color.

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