What Does Incubator Mean?

Incubators are devices used to help grow and maintain the course of cell cultures or microbiological cultures. Incubators are not only used in the botany but are also used in the poultry industry, where they serve as a replacement of hens for the eggs, which leads to higher hatch rates.

An incubator is a sealed unit with controls both the temperature and the humidity of the atmosphere within it. They can be small or large, but most have a window for viewing the objects inside. There are various brands of incubators on the market for home use, but the majority of incubators are used commercially.


Maximum Yield Explains Incubator

Incubation, in botany, refers to the development period that covers the time when a pathogen is placed in an incubator to when it turns or mutates to a new form. This new form enables it to infect a new host plant. Incubators are often used for research purposes. The incubator is set at an optimal temperature and humidity along with other conditions. For example, the unit's carbon dioxide and the oxygen content is often controlled.

The simplest form of an incubator is an insulated box. These unit's have an adjustable heater, typically going up to 60 to 65 degrees Celsius. However, some can even go slightly higher to usually no more than 100 degrees Celsius. It is important to note that approximately 37 degrees Celsius is the most commonly used temperature for the growth of bacteria such as E. Coli and mammalian cells, as these organisms grow well under such conditions.


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