Hybrid Vigor

What Does Hybrid Vigor Mean?

The term hybrid vigor defines an increase in vigor, size and fertility of a hybrid plant in contrast to its parent plant. Cross breeding different varieties of plants to improve yield and fertility is a common practice, and the hybrid usually exhibits greater fertility and biomass as compared to the parent.


Maximum Yield Explains Hybrid Vigor

Plant breeders have adopted the technique of creating a hybrid vigor by mating two different purebred species to express the desirable traits of the two parent plants. In the process, the first generation of offsprings expresses a greater measure of desired characteristics of both parents. But this need not be the case for future hybrid offsprings.

Gardeners and botanists use hybrid vigor to increase yields, uniformity, and strength in plants. The hybrid breeding methods can be used and are commonly used in plants like maize, sorghum, and rice for optimal yields.


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