Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Hotbed Mean?

A hotbed is an enclosure designed to protect and propagate plants. Hotbeds are often powered by solar energy from the sun, but can also be heated by hot water, hot air, electricity, or even by the heat generated from organic decomposition.

Hotbeds are commonly used to grow crops at high altitudes or in colder climates, where frost, snow, or cold weather can easily kill young plants and prevent seeds from germinating. In a hot bed, however, seed can germinate, even in the midst of winter.

A hotbed may also be referred to as a hot bed.


Maximum Yield Explains Hotbed

To make a hotbed nursery, gardeners should first dig a trench in an area where the plants will receive the most sunlight. The trench should preferably be around 50 centimeters deep and 1 meter wide. When creating a hotbed, most gardeners choose to plant the seeds directly in the soil, but it is also possible to place the seeds in pots filled with fertile soil or growing media, and then cover the hotbed with some plastic afterwards.

The tools used to make hot beds include, but are not limited to, leaf and straw litter, both fresh and rotted compost, bamboo, plastic, and cutting and digging equipment.



Hot Bed

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