Hot Composting

Last Updated: January 13, 2017

Definition - What does Hot Composting mean?

Hot composting refers to a rapid composting technique that can make compost in just over six weeks. During hot composting, the compost pile is kept moist and is stirred often to ensure proper aeration. Bulking agents and energy minerals are often added to the compost to keep it at an optimal temperature.

MaximumYield explains Hot Composting

This quick decomposition process works best in a system that contains two or three bins or containers. For a more effective process, it is advisable to gather several containers for turning and mixing, removable slats, and a large piece of mesh to protect the pile.

Since hot composting tends to attract rodents, it is also recommended to cover the pile with a lid, which protects the hot compost from rain and drastic temperature changes. Other necessary tools include bins, tarps, shovels, forks, and a compost thermometer.

The hot compost should be allowed to stand and cure for a couple of weeks before gardeners use it.

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