Last Updated: January 24, 2017

Definition - What does Hemiptera mean?

Hemiptera refers to a family of insects that contain species that normally have four wings and sucking mouth parts. These insects include backswimmers, assassin bugs, stinkbugs, aphids, and other true bugs. In such bugs, the wings tend to be thicker at the membranous and base. In most cases, the basal part is leathery. These bugs usually have thoracic scent glands.

Some Hemiptera insects such as aphids are often considered pests to garden and agricultural plants because they can transfer various viral diseases. They also damage crops, but are not resistant to insect repellents.

MaximumYield explains Hemiptera

There are around 75,000 species of Hemiptera in the world, and are the only true bugs in the scientific nomenclature. Hemiptera insects can suck juices from both animals and plants, but in most cases, they prefer to feed off plants. Their mouthparts are equipped with a beak, which is contained under their bodies when they are not feeding.

The life cycle of Hemiptera include the transition from the egg to a nymph and into a fully-grown winged adult insect.

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