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Last updated: May 18, 2021

What Does Grow Tent Mean?

A grow tent is a portable, reusable growroom made of sturdy canvas exterior, reflective interior material to increase the effectiveness of grow lights, and various ports to allow for the installation of ventilation, lighting, and other equipment. Grow tents provide an enclosed space to contain and indoor garden efficiently and discreetly.

Although the majority of grow tents are marketed towards cannabis growers, grow tents can be used to grow a wide range of crops.

Two grow tents displaying material and features.


Maximum Yield Explains Grow Tent

Grow tents are ideal for hobby growers who don't wish to retrofit an existing space in their home, they just simply erect a grow tent and are often up and running in the same day. Grow tents are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. Smaller grow tents are available for horticulturists looking to grow just a few plants, while larger ones are for those growing a full garden throughout the winter.

Grow tents are also useful for quarantining mother plants or sick plants, or for setting up plants in different stages of growth, i.e., one grow tent is filled with clones, while another larger tent is filled with plants in the vegetative stages. These tents allow the grower to alter grow environments within the same grow space.

Grow tents start as small as countertop versions for propagating seedlings and can be as big as filling a two-car garage. Grow tent manufacturers cater to all levels of growing, offering up budget-friendly versions, premium-grade versions, stripped-down versions, and robust plug-and-play packages.

Many new growers prefer grow tent packages, which take the guesswork out of the growing, as they come with all the required equipment to get started.

Grow tents are carefully designed to accommodate a range of equipment, whether the user is growing using hydroponics or in traditional soil.

Grow tents are lightproof, so the growth cycles of plants are unaffected by outside light and other factors. A ventilation system will provide further temperature control and increased air circulation. Gardeners who have sensitive plants that need specific conditions at different points in their growth cycle may benefit from using a grow tent to isolate these plants.

(For more information about growing in tents, check out our grow tent section.)



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