Green Cone

What Does Green Cone Mean?

An innovative food waste disposal unit, the Green Cone breaks down different types of food waste, leaving only a minimal amount of organic residue, carbon dioxide and water behind. This type of enclosed composting unit doesn’t require a lot of cleaning since only a small amount of waste is left behind. Consequently, Green Cones can help planters save up on both time and money.


Maximum Yield Explains Green Cone

The Green Cone was first designed in 1988 in Ontario. Unlike other types of composting units, Green Cones even break down meat bones and is made primarily of plastic. With a cone-shaped top, this composting unit is attached to a basket which is planted underground, right underneath the cone. Waste dropped through the cone’s hinged lid is collected in the basket before being gradually consumed by insects, worms, fungi, bacteria and various other types of microorganisms. The soil covering the wastebasket acts as a barrier, protecting its contents from flies while filtering smells.

The buried basket also acts as a digestion chamber, whereby methane production is largely reduced due to the aerobic conditions. When setting up a Green Cone, it is also important to bury the basket in an area which has a good drainage system. Some users also like to add an Accelerator product to enhance a healthy bacterial population.


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