Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Glabrous Mean?

In botany, glabrous refers to a smooth plant surface completely devoid of hair or pubescence. The Fiscus Elastica, also known as Rubber Plant, is the most well-known example of a glabrous plant. This plant can grow up to 20 feet and is known for its thick, glossy, and oblong-shaped leaves that can grow up to one foot long.


Maximum Yield Explains Glabrous

Some varieties of glabrous trees display red or white coloring. Rubber plants are commonly used indoors for decorative purposes.

The main advantage of this houseplant is that it requires very little care. Growers simply need to ensure that the plant receives adequate moisture and a moderate amount of sunlight. Most glabrous plants like the Fiscus Elastica thrive well in tropical climates. If exposed to overly-dry soil and conditions, the leaves may start to drop and cause the plant to eventually become dry.

The primary obstacles to successfully growing glabrous plants are pests such as anthracnose and mealybugs, both of which can be eradicated by using pesticides or insecticides. Glabrous plants can be propagated through air layering and terminal cutting.


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