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What Does Fogponics Mean?

Fogponics is an offshoot of aeroponics. In this indoor gardening practice, plants are suspended in enclosed systems with no soil or growing medium. Instead, a fog or mist of water and nutrients is pumped into the closed system to give the roots constant exposure to the nutrients the plant needs to grow.

The theory behind fogponics is that plants are best able to absorb particulate nutrients in the 1 to 25 micrometer (µm) range. Therefore, plants in a fog or mist mixture can better absorb nutrients for more efficient gardening and less waste.


Maximum Yield Explains Fogponics

Fogponics is an advancement on aeroponic gardening techniques. With fogponics, though, an opaque crate, bucket, or tray is used to seal in the plants’ roots. Holes are cut in the top to accommodate the net cups in which the plants will grow, and one more hole is cut in the side or bottom for an electric fogger.

The fogger introduces a mist of nutrient-water mixture into the closed system, and the plants’ roots are constantly exposed to nutrients at particulate sizes that they easily absorb and take up.

Because there is no need for soil, fogponics offers a sustainable and efficient means to grow vegetables and other plants indoors. Fogponics is also more efficient than hydroponics in that all the water vapor and nutrients for the system are trapped within the system and nothing is lost to evaporation.

Fogponics does require regular use of electric power to introduce a mist or fog into the system. When setting up a fogponics system, indoor horticulturalists must consider a backup power supply during a power outage, as it could be devastating for their plants. Likewise, the system must be regularly maintained to effectively deliver nutrients.

Fogponics, however, allows growers to create very specific nutrient-water mixtures to create more suitable growing conditions for certain plants. Some vegetables, such as tomatoes, respond very well to fogponics. Furthermore, with fogponics it is easier to evenly distribute and disperse nutrients and water to all roots equally.


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