Flower Cluster

Last updated: November 20, 2018

What Does Flower Cluster Mean?

A flower cluster or a truss describes a cluster of flowers around the stem of a tomato plant. When pollinated these flower clusters produce the fruit. The flower cluster creates yellowish flowers and the central area of the clusters house the tomato fruit. Each flower cluster or truss can have many flowers of varied sizes depending on the variety of the plant.


Maximum Yield Explains Flower Cluster

During this stage, the compact cluster of flowers is first developed in tomato plants when the plant has reached the maximum height in its growth cycle. Typically this stage commences roughly 50 days after the plant sprouts. These clusters develop along the plant vines at areas of the plants where the leaf meet the stems and the fruit later develops here from the tomato flower embryos.

For maximum yields, removing the non-producing vines of the tomato plant, the ripening process is expedited. In larger tomato varieties, the stems of the tomato plant may not be able to handle the weight of clusters. In such cases, truss ties and clips are available, to handle and hold flower clusters until the tomatoes are harvested.




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