What Does Fasciation Mean?

Fascination refers to a condition that distorts the plant. This results in curved, flattened, and thin shoots. Also known as cresting, this condition is quite rare and can perpendicularly elongate the flower and fruit. In some cases, it may also affect the root or the stem. Fascination can be causes by a variety of factors, such as viral, fungal, bacterial, genetic, or hormonal.


Maximum Yield Explains Fasciation

To prevent fascination, it is crucial to remove fascinated plants from the crops. It is also important to keep the plants dry and avoid injury to the base. In less severe cases, simply pruning the fascinated parts of the plant can prevent contamination.

Hormonal imbalances and extreme climatic changes can also cause fascination in plants. In some cases, plants become fascinated without any apparent cause. According to scientists, fascination can be trigged by somatic mutations as well. It should be noted that fascination does not affect the overall plant health and development in spite of the physical changes.




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