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What Does Drip Mean?

In horticulture, 'drip' can refer to either a drip irrigation system, or a drip hydroponics system, both of which operate on similar principles and require the same basic equipment.

Drip irrigation is a method of irrigation that utilizes simple drips of water to slowly deliver moisture to a plant’s root system.

In a drip hydroponics system, there is no soil involved, and the water fed to plants includes a nutrient-rich formula that feeds plants everything they need.

Water can be dripped onto the surface of the soil/soilless grow medium, or administered directly to the plant’s root system. Using drips of water to irrigate helps cut down on evaporation that can occur with other irrigation methods.

Drip irrigation slowly moistens the soil without resulting in wasteful water runoff. Many drip irrigation systems are gravity fed and depend on the accumulation of rainwater in a rain barrel.


Maximum Yield Explains Drip

Drips of water are delivered to the soil or the plant’s root system via a series of pipes and tubes (emitters). Valves are usually used to control the water’s pressure and slow it to only a slow drip.

There are two forms of drip irrigation methods that are commonly used: surface drip irrigation and subsurface drip irrigation.

With surface drip irrigation, the water is allowed to slowly drip on the surface of the soil near the base of the plant. The slow drips of water allow the soil to rapidly absorb the water so nothing is lost. This is extremely beneficial in areas that are prone to water shortages and droughts.

Subsurface drip irrigation delivers the drips of water straight to the plant’s root system via tubing.



Gravity Fed

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