Compact Fluorescent

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Compact Fluorescent Mean?

Often used in hydroponic and indoor planting systems, compact fluorescent light bulbs encourage growth and can be used as a substitute for natural sunlight. Compared to other types of grow lights, compact fluorescent bulbs are readily available and inexpensive. While this system is ideal for the initial stages of seeding, it may not be powerful enough to sustain growth in larger plants. Some gardeners choose to set up several compact fluorescent lights in a row to promote growth.


Maximum Yield Explains Compact Fluorescent

There are several types of compact fluorescent systems appropriate for gardening. The two most popular options are daylight and white. Selecting the proper color largely depends on the type of plant and its age. Daylight compact fluorescent lights, for instance, are often favored during the vegetative stages of growth since they encourage more leaves. White compact fluorescent lights are good for the flowering phase since the warmth very closely replicates sunlight. Consequently, it can also encourage a plant to spread its seeds and promote new growth. Most gardeners tend to opt for warmer white light as opposed to a cooler tone.

It is important to properly place and set up the compact fluorescent system to ensure its efficiency and prevent anything that may stunt the plants’ growth. Many gardeners choose to run the lights for fifteen to sixteen hours during the seeding phase and gradually reduce exposure time once the plant starts to flower.


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