Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Candela Mean?

A candela is a unit of measure that is used to calculate light intensity, especially for indoor gardens. Indoor plants must be exposed to a certain intensity of light each day for proper growth, hence the importance of measuring the light intensity. While most light bulbs do not list their candela, they do use an alternative measurement called lumens.


Maximum Yield Explains Candela

Unlike lumens, candelas refer to the strength of the light. Technically, one candle is equal to a candela.

Grow lights are used for food production and in plant propagation. In some cases, these lights are also used for aquatic plants and hydroponics. Consequently, it is important to match the candela to the type of plant, ensuring that the plant receives an adequate intensity of light for proper growth. Plants with insufficient light exposure to a proper light source often experience growth stunts or die altogether.


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