Bloom Booster

Definition - What does Bloom Booster mean?

A bloom booster is a fertilizer specially formulated to increase and enhance bloom growth. They are available in a number of brands and forms of packaging, but are all formulated to achieve maximum bloom growth.

A bloom booster may also be known as a blossom booster.

MaximumYield explains Bloom Booster

Bloom boosters are fertilizers that are high in the nutrients proven to enhance maximum bloom growth and health.

Bloom boosters include potassium and phosphorous, and also include trace minerals, organic stimulants, and amino acids formulated to increase stem strength, prevent weakness, and prevent deficiencies and disease.

There is some debate as to the effectiveness of bloom boosters and whether or not the additional phosphorous is healthy for the environment. Bloom boosters are just one way to promote bloom growth and health; another alternative is fish emulsion, which is also high in phosphorous and potassium.

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