Last updated: January 24, 2017

What Does Umbel Mean?

An umbel is a cluster of flowers that consists of short flower stalks, or pedicels, that spread from a common point. This cluster closely resembles the ribs or spokes of an umbrella.

Umbels can be made up of compound or simple clusters. The size of these clusters can vary, and the shape can range from spherical to flat-topped. This arrangement of flowers is a major characteristic of the plant family Umbelliferae.


Maximum Yield Explains Umbel

There are two types of umbels:

  1. Compound umbel - A flower cluster that has multiple flowers on the tip of each pedicel.
  2. Simple cluster - An umbel that only has one flower growing from the tip of a single pedicel.

Umbels, like all flowers and flower clusters, serve as a means of reproduction. Flowers also facilitate pollination, which is important for the health and longevity of a plant. However, the purpose of flowers and flower clusters like umbels are not limited to plant biology. Umbels also play a very important horticultural role in the lives of humans. Some vegetables like carrots and herbs like fennel, parsley, and dill are all considered umbels. Additionally, umbels are popular as ornamental plants because of their attractive flower clusters.


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