Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Sucker Mean?

A sucker is a plant growth that develops from the rootstock of a plant that has undergone grafting. A sucker does not originate from a seed but instead it grows from the base of the root of the plant at a certain distance away from the plant.

This undesirable part of the plant should be removed to prevent it from sucking away the plant’s energy.


Maximum Yield Explains Sucker

Using suckers to graft other plants may cause the development of pests and pathogens in the plant. This is because the sucker will trigger stress on the plant and make it a vulnerable host to pests.

Suckers can penetrate into the soil and generate multiple roots, disrupting the growth of the host plant. In order to ensure that your plant does not become a breeding ground for pathogens, it is essential to routinely maintain and remove suckers from the plants to avoid supporting the growth of pathogens. While removing the sucker, its root also needs to be snipped off to ensure the healthy growth of the remaining plant.

It is important to note that psyllids (insects that suck sap affecting trees and shrubs) are also known as suckers.


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