Sphagnum Moss

Last updated: November 29, 2018

What Does Sphagnum Moss Mean?

Sphagnum is a genus of around 300 mosses commonly known as peat moss because of its prevalence in peat bogs and mires. Mosses that belong to the sphagnum genus are known for their high water retention potential, with some species being able to hold up to 20 times their dry weight in water. This is the reason why it is mostly sold as a soil conditioner.

Sphagnum can also act as a protector for succulents. As sphagnum can absorb water rapidly and maintain the moisture content, it allows the succulents to stay hydrated. This type of moss also has antibacterial properties that help cuttings stay healthy and make your garden look fresh as well. This type of moss can also be used for air layering and lining hanging baskets. It is sold in a fresh state.


Maximum Yield Explains Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum is a lightweight material that can help with all forms of gardening. It can be mixed with soil and dried sphagnum is also used in horticulture as a seedbed.

It is also the perfect choice as a mat for other plants to grow on as sphagnum moss increases a soil’s water and nutrient capacity by increasing the capacity of cation exchange and capillary forces. Peat moss can firmly hold the plant even if it gets heavy and large.

Sphagnum wasn’t always used for gardening. In World War 1, it was used as a wound dressing and dried moss was used to start fires.

Sphagnum is also considered to be a good cage material for spiders as it doesn’t harm the spider and contains no insecticides.



Peat moss

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