Last Updated: August 21, 2018

Definition - What does Runner mean?

A runner is the stem portion of the plant that tends to grow horizontally as opposed to upright like the main stem. The end tip of the runner can produce buds that develop into new plants that are clones. Adventitious roots are also produced from the buds found on the runner. Runner plants are especially beneficial because gardeners can harvest from more plants than were originally planted.

A runner may also be known as a stolon.

MaximumYield explains Runner

Runners are often used for propagation because these plants can spread rapidly. Consequently, gardeners do not have to invest as much money as they normally would for other types of plants.

The most common types of runner plants that engage in asexual reproduction include, but are not limited to, spider plants, Bermuda grass, mint, and strawberries.

Strawberry runners, in particular, are productive and flexible. Consequently, gardeners can grow them in plug trays or pots, which are easier to sell and transport. Strawberry patches do need to be regularly pruned for better crop production.

Most runner plants, including strawberry, grow better in soil mixed with sand and moist peat.

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