Root Ball

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Root Ball Mean?

A root ball is a network of roots that are attached to the soil. Root balls are found in just about any plant, tree, shrub, or flower. A main component of horticulture, root balls are often used as ornaments as well.

To ensure that a plant survives transplantation it is crucial to pay attention to both the preparation and quality of the root ball prior to transplanting it to its new home.


Maximum Yield Explains Root Ball

To prepare a site for root ball transplantation, it is important to clear the area, ensuring that the soil can easily be worked with. It is also extremely important to weed out the area, paying particular attention to perennial weeds.

As far as the drainage system is concerned, gardeners often use garden forks on the bottom and sides of the area to create draining routes, hence ensuring the longevity of the root ball when transplanted. A good drainage system also ensures that the root ball can easily take hold of the soil and absorb nutrients.

If you’re working with a bare root plant, it is important to keep it moist. Regularly pruning and inspecting the roots are also important for the healthy development of the plant. The potting hole should be deep enough to ensure that the root ball can grow and flare.



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