Strain Review: Strawberry Lemonade

By Karen Lloyd
Published: April 5, 2021 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 09:59:10
Key Takeaways

When it comes to making dull daily tasks more exciting Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect tonic, as Karen Lloyd explains.

With subtle berry flavors and long-lasting euphoria, Strawberry Lemonade is an excellent smoke if you need to focus on anything mundane or monotonous for longer than 10 minutes.


Curled up into the corner of my couch one recent winter afternoon, I had a few puffs, not knowing what to expect. Strawberry Lemonade is an award-winning sativa-dominant strain with a THC content that can reach anywhere between 16-28 percent. Mine came from a backyard up the street and was served already rolled.

A novice grower with a couple of years under his belt, my neighbor says his plants were easy to maintain and flourished in enormous containers as well as underground. At harvest, his leggy ladies displayed fine little buds with pale green leaves and orange pistils covered in a blanket of cloudy white trichomes. He was pleased, and so was I.


A well-cultivated and properly cured Strawberry Lemonade plant exudes a predominantly strawberry scent coupled with invigorating tangy citrus notes. The few tokes I had, before extinguishing the joint, were unusually smooth and savory.

Strawberry Lemonade started as a head high — much more cerebral than psychedelic — and placed me in a thoughtful state of mind. I sat for a while to contemplate my ever-expanding to-do list before calmly floating off to put a dent in it. With a newfound level of focus, I was finally able to sort through the hundreds of mismatched beads that have been rolling around on my kitchen table, and increasingly getting on my nerves, since the summer. It was a chore, to be sure, made more enjoyable with a small splash of Strawberry Lemonade.

As the high wore on into the evening, my body and mind grew more relaxed. Because of its eventual descent into idleness, Strawberry Lemonade is recommended for late afternoon to evening use. This strain also made me quite hungry for anything in sight and coincidentally paired well with the Twizzlers I had purchased earlier.


Strawberry Lemonade can be grown indoors or out where daytime temperatures reach between 70-80°F. When grown indoors, you can expect flowers within nine to 10 weeks.

If you are easily distracted and need help focusing on a dreaded task for more than 10 minutes, Strawberry Lemonade is a refreshing cannabis strain to try — even in the middle of winter.


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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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Karen Lloyd is a freelance writer, digital marketing expert and hippy at heart in the city with a small studio, spacious deck and enormous passion for all things cannabis, urban gardening and food equity in Toronto.

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