Sometimes a Kush leans towards the pine… more often towards the fuel… and hopefully towards the lemon or citrus. Some describe it as jet fuel, but I don’t know what jet fuel smells like. The often-used term ‘diesel’ is quite appropriate for Kush strains but really doesn’t do the aroma justice. No verbal description does.

So this challenge continues with Starkiller, the latest and greatest 70/30 indica/sativa hybrid from Broken Coast Cannabis. A cross between Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2, Starkiller offers a rich and heady aroma focussed strongly on ambrosial, deep-forest chlorophyll notes, mixed with more subtle tones of pine nuts, menthol, and oiled leather, surrounding a strong, lemony center. A very lemony center.

Visually, it is a deep, dark green with delicate, wispy orange hairs and a predilection for robust, large, solid colas covered in a fine velvet of shimmering, sparkling trichomes.

When smoked, it produces highly aromatic flavors reminiscent of forest undergrowth and fresh green vegetables, with undertones of caramelized sugar and gasoline fumes at the back of the throat. Starkiller is already a well-known contender (it was winner of Best Hybrid Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup), but Broken Coast has shown its chops by developing this strain into a seriously top-notch finished product.

I know I say this every time, but this is my favourite strain ever.

Topping out the THC at 23.2 per cent, this is also the one of the strongest strains I’ve tested and it shows. This was one of the fastest-hitting and strongest highs I have experienced. It also offered gentle cerebral stimulation, so I had an easy, even-keeled feel throughout the entire experience.

This is an outstanding option for pain management. It is strong, sedative, and helpful for inducing sleep. The immediately noticeable muscle-relaxant properties will appeal particularly to patients with muscular or joint injuries, sciatica, back and neck pain, and spasmodic digestive tracts. A patient with Chrohn’s or colitis will not only appreciate alleviation from spasmodic episodes but enjoy a mild appetite enhancement and a boost to taste and scent experience. A strong, effective medicine both physically and mentally, Starkiller is also a great choice for managing your anxiety under challenging circumstances. The CBD levels are around one per cent.

Selected from more than 120 seed options, this phenotype is Broken Coast’s latest attempt to one-up its already impressive stock of quality, high-potency options. As a growing option, Broken Coast tells me that this phenotype produces large, dense buds with high yields for this type of hybrid. Shorter and stockier than her true OG sisters, Starkiller is an ideal size and structure for efficient and successful indoor growing.

I get the feeling that the Broken Coast crew is quite proud of this one. They should be.